#March31 aftermath

I finally feel well enough to sit at a computer so I figured I’d capture all of the details of #March31 while they were still fresh in my mind. Simply too much happened to try and blog from my tablet.

TL;DR version: had more complications than expected, have a temporary colostomy until autumn, reversal surgery will be harder on me than #March31 but will be doable.

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Surgery update

Things did not go as planned. Once the surgeon was inside she found my colon was extremely distended and was starting to merge with my bladder. Long story short, they had to go through my bladder to remove the bad sections of colon (of which they found more) but they did get all of them. I have a temporary ileostomy that will come out in six to nine months. The surgeon told my wife, “he was much sicker than we knew.” I’ll also have a catheter for a couple of weeks as well. Not sure how long I’ll be here but it’ll likely be a little longer than expected. Either way I’m feeling pretty good today and God is still good.

The homestretch



After a quick shower with Hibiclens, next up is 20 oz. of Gatorade G Series at 10pm, 1am and 4:30am, carbo loading in anticipation of surgery.

No, it’s unlikely I’ll sleep tonight.

Up at 3am, another quick shower with Hibiclens, then we roll out at 4am EDT, should arrive at IU Health at 5:30am where I’ll immediately begin prep.

Surgery is scheduled for 7:30am EDT. Thoughts and prayers appreciated!


Goodbye #March25, Hello #March31

I was about 75% of the way through my surgery prep (enema, laxatives, 7 doses of Miralax + 64 oz. of Gatorade, laxatives, enema) when I got a call saying the surgeon was too ill to operate. We rescheduled for #March31 so, that’s my new hashtag.

It was a nice touch when the surgeon called me later to apologize. She’s good people.

I also got to talk to her nurse who indicated I’d need to do a clear liquid diet on Saturday, do prep again on Sunday, and then Surgery on Monday.

Thoughts and prayers around this whole situation would be appreciated!